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Experienced Trademark Attorneys.

At White & Ng, we understand that your brand is the cornerstone of your business. Our firm offers comprehensive trademark services tailored to protect and enhance your unique brand identity.

Our Trademark Services Include:


Trademark Searches.


Before investing in your brand, let us thoroughly search to ensure its uniqueness and viability. Our detailed analysis helps identify potential legal obstacles and maximizes the chances of your trademark's successful registration.


Application Preparation and Registration.

Navigating the trademark registration process can be complex. Our experienced team simplifies this process. We meticulously prepare and file your trademark applications, ensuring adherence to all legal standards.

Office Action Responses.

Receiving an office action can be a critical moment in the trademark process. Our attorneys are skilled in crafting persuasive responses, addressing any concerns raised by the USPTO, and moving your application toward approval.


Opposition Filings & Responses.


Facing opposition, or need to oppose a trademark application? We provide robust representation to protect your interests, ensuring your voice is heard during these disputes.


TTAB Proceedings.

With experience in Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) proceedings, our team is equipped to handle any challenges your trademark may face, from initial filing to final decision.

Trademark Assignments.

Whether you’re acquiring a new trademark or transferring one, we handle all aspects of trademark assignments, ensuring a seamless transition of rights that aligns with your business goals.


Legal Guidance & Consultation.

Beyond transactions and litigation, White & Ng offers ongoing legal counsel to help you navigate the evolving landscape of trademark law, ensuring your brand remains protected and compliant.

Learn more about our Trademark Registration Service

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