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Tech Forward, Legally Sound.

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology, legal guidance that understands and keeps pace with innovation is crucial. At White & Ng, we specialize in technology law services, offering unparalleled legal expertise to software companies and investors in emerging technologies. Our goal is to ensure that your technological innovations are legally protected and strategically positioned for commercial success.




We provide comprehensive legal services for software development and licensing, helping you navigate the complexities of software rights, open-source licensing, and end-user agreements. Our team assists in drafting and reviewing software contracts to ensure they are robust and align with your business objectives.


Technology Investments.


For investors, we offer expert legal counsel on venture capital investments, funding agreements, and due diligence for startups and innovative tech ventures. We assist in structuring and negotiating investment deals, focusing on maximizing returns while minimizing legal risks.

Regulatory Compliance and Data Privacy.


Our services include advising on compliance with technology-related regulations, including data protection and privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. We help implement best practices in data security and privacy policies, which are crucial for software companies handling sensitive information.

E-Commerce and Internet Law.


We address legal aspects of online business activities, providing counsel on e-commerce transactions, digital marketing, and Internet law issues.

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