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Legal Expertise with our Creative Edge.

Welcome to White & Ng, where law meets creativity. Our practice is spearheaded by Rolanzo White, Esq., an attorney with a distinctive blend of legal experience and artistic experience. With a background in film, live sports production, camera operation, and editing, Rolanzo brings a unique perspective to the table, especially beneficial for clients in the creative and entertainment sectors.

Film & TV.


White & Ng provides comprehensive legal services for director and actor agreements in the film industry, ensuring fair terms and collaboration. Our expertise extends to screenwriting contracts, protecting writers' rights, and streamlining distribution deals for independent films, focusing on revenue sharing, marketing, and territorial rights. We ensure that film projects are legally fortified from conception to the final product, addressing all contractual needs.


Our film production support covers every stage of the filmmaking process. During development, we handle option agreements and writer agreements, moving into pre-production with director, producer, and casting agreements. We manage crew contracts and equipment rentals in production, ensuring on-set compliance. Post-production needs, including editing, music licensing, and post-production services agreements, are also within our scope. We aim to provide seamless legal coverage throughout the film's lifecycle.


In television, our firm specializes in drafting and negotiating contracts for actors, hosts, and production crew, ensuring all aspects of compensation, duration, and obligations are clearly defined. We navigate licensing agreements for TV shows, covering rights and distribution terms, and handle complex licensing agreements like synch licenses for music in TV productions. Our comprehensive approach in television law is tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities in this dynamic industry.



At White & Ng, we are dedicated to providing specialized legal services to artists, songwriters, and producers in the music industry. Our firm handles a range of agreements crucial to the success and protection of our clients. This includes artist recording contracts, where we focus on negotiating fair terms that cover royalties, advances, and the rights to the music, ensuring artists are justly compensated and retain appropriate control over their work. Additionally, we manage publishing deals, advocating for the rights of songwriters and composers to secure their rightful earnings from their creations.


Beyond these, our expertise extends to live performance agreements, where we draft terms that safeguard artists' interests, from performance fees to venue arrangements and liability considerations. For producers, we craft detailed agreements that outline their roles, rights, and compensation in the music production process. Our goal is to provide tailored legal solutions that not only protect the legal rights of our clients in the music industry but also support their creative endeavors and business aspirations.



At White & Ng, our venture into sports law is enriched by our extensive experience in intellectual property, music, film and TV, and business contracts. This diverse background positions us uniquely to handle the complexities of sports law, especially in the realm of name, image, and likeness (NIL) agreements. Our expertise in these areas allows us to effectively negotiate and manage contracts for athletes with teams, sponsors, and media, focusing on securing beneficial terms while safeguarding our clients' rights and personal brands.


In addition to athlete representation, we excel in sports licensing and endorsement deals, leveraging our deep understanding of intellectual property to ensure fair compensation and brand protection. Our experience also extends to drafting and negotiating contracts for sports team personnel, drawing upon our business contracts and dispute resolution knowledge. Our advisory services in sports law, guided by our comprehensive legal background, include advising on compliance with sports governing bodies and ethical considerations, particularly in NIL deals. White & Ng is committed to applying our broad legal expertise to deliver exceptional, client-focused solutions in this dynamic field as we expand into sports law.

Art, Paint & Graphic Design.

In the realm of artistic creation, where every stroke of the brush and every nuanced expression holds immense value, our dedicated copyright legal services for artists and painters are designed to safeguard your unique creations. We understand that your artwork is not just an expression of creativity but also a vital asset that deserves robust legal protection. Our team specializes in navigating the complexities of copyright law to ensure that your original works are fully protected against unauthorized use or reproduction. From securing copyright registration to enforcing your rights in cases of infringement, we provide comprehensive legal counsel and support. Whether you're an emerging artist or an established painter, our goal is to empower you with the legal tools necessary to protect and maximize the value of your artistic endeavors, enabling you to focus on your passion for creating transformative art.

Literary Arts.

In the literary world, where every word and narrative holds the power to transform and inspire, our expert copyright legal services are dedicated to protecting the rights of authors and literary artists. Our team is adept at navigating the intricate landscape of copyright law, ensuring that your literary creations, from novels and poems to articles and scripts, receive the highest level of protection. We assist in securing copyright registration, managing publishing rights, and vigorously defending against unauthorized use or replication of your work. Our aim is to provide authors with the peace of mind and legal assurance needed to focus on their craft, confident in the knowledge that their intellectual endeavors are legally protected and their creative legacy secured.

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