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Mergers & Acquisitions

Navigating Your Next Big Move with Precision.

At White & Ng, we specialize in guiding small businesses and entrepreneurs through the complex world of mergers and acquisitions. Our legal team is dedicated to providing personalized, efficient, and strategic solutions for each unique business need. Whether you are looking to purchase an existing business, sell your own enterprise, acquire assets from another company, or merge operations with another business, we are here to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.


Business Purchase & Sale.

We assist clients in navigating the intricacies of buying or selling a business. Our services cover due diligence, contract drafting and negotiation, regulatory compliance, and post-transaction support, ensuring a seamless transition from start to finish.


Asset Acquisitions.

Our team is adept at handling the purchase of assets from other businesses, including intellectual property, equipment, and customer lists. We focus on safeguarding your interests while maximizing the value and potential of your acquisitions.



Merging with another business can be a strategic move for growth and expansion. We provide comprehensive support in structuring mergers, addressing legal and regulatory challenges, and aligning the merged entities’ operations and objectives.


Strategic Advising.

We offer strategic advice to help you identify potential opportunities and risks in mergers and acquisitions. Our team works closely with you to understand your business goals and develop tailored strategies that align with your vision.


Regulatory Compliance.

Navigating the regulatory landscape is crucial in any M&A transaction. We ensure that all aspects of your deal comply with local, state, and federal laws, helping you avoid legal pitfalls and ensuring a smooth transaction.


Post-Merger Integration.

Our involvement doesn’t end with the deal. We provide ongoing support to successfully integrate operations, cultures, and systems post-merger, setting a solid foundation for your business’s future growth.

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