Real Estate

Our real estate practice handles all legal aspects of property acquisition, disposal, development, letting, and management, including the financing of transactions, planning, construction, and any property litigation matters.

Purchase and Sale

The purchase and sale of residential and commercial property can involve legal risk. It is essential to have experience counsel review your documentation before any commitment to highlighting any potential legal exposure. 

We provide you with legal counsel throughout the entire sales process, including, but not limited to, initial attorney review, drafting and negotiating the purchase and sale agreement, and title and environmental concerns. Our attorneys help clients with sales, acquisitions, and exchanges of land, office, residential, retail, hotel, industrial, mixed-use, and other properties.



We represent landlords, commercial tenants, and property managers regarding the legal aspects of leases, including both residential and commercial leases, i.e., retail leases, restaurant leases, and office leases.


Our services include being your personal representative throughout the transaction, drafting and negotiation of leases, assistance with due diligence, preparation of communications and notices with tenants, subordination agreements and lease amendments, and the negotiation and preparation of lease assignments and subleases.


Easements and Land Use

We represent you during the process of granting rights in and placing restrictions upon real property and the preparation and recordation of covenants on both residential and commercial land.  

We draft and negotiate easements and licenses to be conveyed to adjacent landowners and other interested parties, including reciprocal agreements between adjoining property owners, right of access agreements, and the grant of utility easements.


Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate disputes include issues over performance during a transaction, defects to title, latent or known physical defects, improper usage, and landlord/tenant matters.   

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