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Innovate with Confidence.

At White & Ng, our patent law services are guided by Tiera Fletcher, Esq., a seasoned professional specializing in the protection of innovative inventions. Tiera brings a meticulous approach to preparing patent applications, particularly excelling in mechanical devices, design patents, and various technical disciplines. Her expertise ensures that each application is crafted with precision, detailing the invention's specifications and claims in a manner that aligns with the rigorous standards of the USPTO. This attention to detail is crucial in navigating the complexities of patent filing and in securing the broadest possible protection for our client's innovations.


Tiera’s role extends beyond drafting applications; she is instrumental in responding to office actions from the USPTO. Her experience becomes invaluable in these scenarios, where she adeptly addresses any concerns or objections. Tiera’s skill in this area ensures that each patent application is refined and adapted through necessary revisions, smoothly progressing through the procedural steps toward approval. This process is a testament to her commitment to achieving successful outcomes for our clients’ patent applications.

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