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Launch your Business with Confidence.

At White & Ng, we understand that starting a business is a significant milestone. Our dedicated team, led by Rolanzo White, Esq. serving Maryland and Washington D.C., and Jonathan Ng, Esq. serving New Jersey and Florida, is committed to ensuring your entrepreneurial journey begins with a strong legal foundation. We specialize in assisting small businesses with navigating the complexities of business formation and ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.


Business Formation.


Entity Selection and Formation: We guide you in choosing the right business entity (LLC, corporation, partnership, etc.) that aligns with your business goals and offers optimal tax benefits and liability protection.

Preparation and Filing of Formation Documents: Our team expertly prepares and files all necessary documentation with the state, ensuring a smooth and efficient establishment of your business entity.

Licensing and Permits.


Identification of Necessary Licenses: We help identify the specific licenses and permits required for your business based on your industry and location.


Application and Compliance: Our team assists in the application process and ensures that your business remains compliant with ongoing licensing requirements.

Regulatory Compliance.


Federal, State, and Local Compliance: We provide comprehensive guidance on compliance with relevant laws and regulations at all government levels.

Customized Compliance Strategies: Our approach is tailored to your business’s unique needs, ensuring that you are well-positioned to operate legally and successfully.

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