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Business Contract


Experienced Transactional Attorneys.

At White & Ng Law Firm, we understand that the right contracts are the bedrock of successful business and personal ventures. Leading our team, Rolanzo White and Jonathan Ng are not just lawyers but seasoned navigators in the legal landscape, bringing a unique blend of knowledge and practical experience to every contract we handle.


Business Contracts.


Our suite of business contract services is designed to fortify and foster your business's growth. We cover all bases, from foundational operating agreements to crucial non-disclosure and employment contracts. Especially noteworthy is our expertise in assignment agreements, ensuring seamless transfer and assignment of rights, responsibilities, and assets to support your strategic business objectives.

Intellectual Property Contracts.


Intellectual property requires vigilant legal protection, and we're here to provide just that. Catering to creators and innovators, our services encompass a broad spectrum of IP contracts. This includes NDAs, licensing agreements, performance contracts, and comprehensive assignment agreements, ensuring your intellectual creations and innovations are legally protected and capitalized upon effectively.

Real Estate Contracts.

In the complex realm of real estate, our firm stands out for its proficiency in handling all facets of real estate contracts. Whether you're entering a purchase and sale agreement, managing deeds, or navigating leases, we offer meticulous legal support to make every property transaction smooth and secure.

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