Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is often the most critical and valuable asset that an artist, creator, or business will own. Since IP is intangible, it is often easy to copy or infringe. You've put your all into creating your brand or work, so it is essential to plan how you will protect your IP and make money from your creations and brand.


A trademark identifies your goods and services and distinguishes your goods and services from those of others. Your trademark will also allow you to prevent others from adopting similar marks likely to cause confusion in the marketplace with your goods and services. 



A copyright is the exclusive legal right given to the owner, commonly the creator, of unique literary, artistic, or musical material to produce, reproduce, perform, record, display, broadcast, and make derivative works of any such material and to authorize or assign any third parties the right to do the same.



Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a multi-step process that can become overwhelming and costly if not done correctly. Our experienced attorneys will help guide you through the process from the initial trademark search to the registration.

We first do a trademark search to see if you can realistically obtain your desired trademarks. Applications are refused for several reasons, including being confusingly similar to other marks and not meeting other standards under trademark law.


After, we will prepare and file your application with the USPTO. Once filed, we monitor the application and respond to any office actions from the USPTO. Once approved, we help you to understand what needs to be done to maintain your trademark, among other issues.

Some trademark applications are rejected regardless of our due diligence; if that happens, we will consult you about the next steps.

Copyright Registration

Our IP attorneys help our clients by preparing and registering copyright applications with the U.S. Copyright Office for written works, photographs, software, videos, architecture, and other creative or artistic expression types.

Copyrights must be the work must be fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Under the Copyright law, your protection begins as soon as you have completed the work, and you can display a copyright symbol to assert your intention to protect what you created.


Although you have some legal protection by simply creating your work, registering your work with the copyright office will make enforcing your copyright easier.



Creating valuable intellectual property is complicated, time intensive, and expensive, so when you can come into possession of valuable intellectual property, it is essential to make as much money as possible from its usage and sale. 

Licensing Agreements


In a licensing agreement the licensee is agreeing to pay a specific royalty or fee to the licensor in exchange for the right to use the protected intellectual property. The licensing agreement spells out the terms that the parties agree on.

Licensing agreements allow you to make money from your work, while providing you with some control over all aspects of how the other person or business may use your work, including how, where, how long, how much, what purpose, and more. Entering into a licensing agreement also works when you may seek to use another's protected intellectual property.

Sales Agreements

As with tangible property, rights to intellectual property can be sold for a profit. These agreements are less complicated than licensing agreement, however pricing becoming incredibly important. 

Give yourself an advantage by retaining an experienced intellectual property attorney to help advocate for you and advise of anticipated potential short and long-term legal risks and damage to your property. We can help to draft and negotiate terms that accomplish your needs and protect your rights.


IP Litigation

Our attorneys have the legal knowledge and experience to represent you in trademark and copyright infringement actions effectively, breach of licensing agreements (including name, image, and likeness rights), disputes over domain names, and more. ​We practice in the state, federal, and even the federal agencies, like the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in the event of a dispute.

Creating a novel brand is difficult and expensive, so it's important you get the best counsel when defending your brand. So, when someone else is using your trademarks or service marks without your permission, you need to take immediate legal action against them by initiating a trademark infringement case to protect what you have worked to build.​

Similarly, Copyright infringement claims can arise any time someone believes another's written, musical, photographic, video, or other artistic expression is substantially similar to a previously developed and copyrighted work. We represent both copyright holders who want to assert claims to protect their rights.

We also assist our clients when defending themselves against infringement claims. When another person or business reaches out to you, alleging that your service mark, logo, or brand is substantially similar to the logo or brand of another company already doing business, or when you are accused of unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution of someone else's copyrighted material, it is important to have experienced and creative counsel who can defend and protect your rights.​ 



Entertainment Law

Our attorneys provide legal services for artists in the performing arts, handling a wide range of transactional, litigation, and arbitration matters. 

We are well versed in entertainment law, particularly film, literary, and music contracts. Our entertainment practice encompasses contract law, employment, product placement, advertising, rights clearance, defamation, right of privacy, and tax.

Sports Law


Sports law has significantly changed at the professional, collegiate, and amateur levels of play. So, it is increasingly important that athletes know their rights under their performance agreements and endorsement deals and license the athlete's likeness (i.e., NIL).

We work with athletes in contract law, employment, advertising, rights clearances, product placement, and defamation.

Technology Law

We would work with entrepreneurs, software companies, software developers, creatives, and other technology-based companies professionals. during the startup and capital raising stages for your new business or project.

We counsel clients regarding the review and preparation of technology-based contracts, including licensing agreements and software purchase & sale agreements.

We also protect and defend our clients and their work from infringers and provide compliance guidance on various technology.

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