Business Law

Our attorneys work with businesses and entrepreneurs through the legal challenges associated with starting, running, growing, and ending a business.

Business Formation

Start-up businesses face an uphill battle getting their business up and running, so it's important to have legal counsel that you can trust.


We will help you review your options, choose the best business entity type that fits, and help you with other advantageous start-up decisions.

We provide guidance on:

  • Business Entity Selection and formation;

  • Commercial Real Estate Leases;

  • Preparing Operating Documents;

  • Formation of Tax-Exempt Non-Profits Companies (501(c)(3);

  • Business Financing and Funding.


Run your Business

Once you have formed your business, it's essential to keep an attorney on retainer to handle legal issues so you can focus on growing your business.


Our attorneys understand how the terms and ambiguities in your contracts and agreements can help – or hurt – you. We work closely with business clients to help negotiate contracts designed to protect our client's interests and rights truly. We professionally draft new agreements for business or review and advise on agreements you're being asked to sign by others.

Using boilerplate agreements may initially save your business money. But, when your contracts are not tailored to meet your business's unique needs and are not drafted and reviewed by attorneys familiar with the specific laws and regulations that govern your business, you risk considerable cost, hassle, and legal scrutiny later. By hiring experienced contract and business law attorneys to represent your interests, you stand a much better chance of avoiding future disputes and commercial lawsuits.


Our experienced attorneys help with a variety of legal agreements, including:

  • business licensing agreements,

  • partnership and joint venture agreements,

  • strategic alliance agreements,

  • financing agreements,

  • non-disclosure agreements,

  • confidentiality agreements, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements,

  • technology-related agreements.


Every business needs good, hardworking people to run it effectively. Like most things in business, there are significant risks associated with hiring people to work with you. So, the agreements you enter into with the employees, independent contractors, and vendors are essential.


Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and confidentiality agreements can protect your non-public business information, helping you get and maintain a competitive edge and retain crucial intellectual property.


Our tax law practice aims to help you navigate and comply with the complex system of tax codes and legally take advantage of the various deductions, credits, and exemptions.


We will also represent you in tax disputes. Although we work with individuals and businesses, our practice focuses on businesses.


Grow your Business

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Our M&A practice serves you when you are seeking to expand your business by acquiring or merging with another company. 


Whether you are buying an existing business or engaging in a vertical or lateral merger, we will provide strategic guidance and legal counsel through the negotiation, document preparation, and closing of the deal.

New Partners

New partners bring fresh new ideas, capital, & expertise to your growing business. However, selling someone equity in your business is a very serious decision that will significantly impact the company moving forward.

Before entering any new partnership, we will ensure you have written consent from all current owners, an ironclad partnership agreement, and policies.


End your Business

Selling your Business

Many entrepreneurs start businesses with the sole purpose of being able to sell them for a profit. Receiving a large payment from a larger company for your business can turn an entrepreneur into a millionaire or billionaire, giving them the power to start new companies and invest in others.


We provide the legal counsel necessary to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Closing your Business

All things eventually end, and your business is no exception. So, when it's time to walk away, you want to ensure that you have appropriately winded down your business to ensure you do not have any lingering liabilities or debts that you could be personally liable for if not resolved before the business has closed. 

We work with you to ensure that your business is appropriately winded down and closed so you can move on to your next adventure stress-free.


Corporate Litigation

Contractual Disputes

The majority of corporate litigation disputes arise from a disagreement about a contract or agreement. Litigants usually make claims that the other party to a contract breached their duties as stated in that contract. Our attorneys represent our client with breaches of contracts that are written agreements, verbal or implied by the parties' actions, from alternative dispute resolution measures to full-blown litigation.

Internal Disputes

Another type of issue that frequently arises relates to disputes among business partners. In many ways, business partnerships are like marriages. While the partners usually enter the business assuming things will always go well, issues can and often do occur.  

FLSA Litigation / Employment Lawsuits

The provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) ("the Act") impact all businesses. The Act was designed to protect workers from employers who would take advantage of them. However, even the most well-meaning employer can be at risk of violating the Act's provisions or of a current or former employee claiming that the employer violated the Act. 

Common FLSA claims include the misclassification of workers, employees claiming they were not paid for work completed off the clock, claims of overtime violation, and cases related to tipped employees.


We represent employers against FLSA claims, helping defend and protect their interests and their businesses' reputations. We work diligently with clients to develop defense strategies designed to resolve the FLSA matter efficiently and cost-effectively.

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